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What does it take to build a secure app by design?

In an article published on SD Times, CoSoSys’s CEO and founder, Roman Foeckl, spoke about the future of data security and the impact new data protection regulations such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will have on the application development process. More specifically, the article addresses a new data protection requirement introduced under the GDPR: from now on applications will need to be built secure by design and by default.

What this essentially means is that, while until now the decision concerning the level of security of an app or service was left in the hands of the company or the development team building it, under the…

How can help you become GDPR compliant

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on 25 May 2018 and aims to harmonize data privacy laws across the European Union. It gives precedence to individuals’ protection and rights and makes any business found to be non-compliant with its requirements accountable in the eyes of the law. Individuals will have enhanced rights to access, modify or erase their data or request its transfer to other platforms. Companies are required to adhere to international data protection standards, risking hefty fines if they fall short of the GDPR’s strict provisions.

The new regulation is likely to affect all areas of business, prompting major…

Making your collaboration and messaging app enterprise ready with

Developers often struggle to bring their applications to the next level by making them enterprise-ready and so break into the lucrative big business market. Oftentimes this is a question of app security, the need to make sure confidential information is kept private and there is no danger of data leakage. offers cybersecurity APIs for Cloud, Apps, and Services that inject security and compliance policies into the core of apps and help them achieve unmatched sensitive data visibility and compliance that bring them closer to enterprise-readiness.

One of the many types of applications can be integrated into are workstream…

Introducing a new category of Data Loss Prevention

When we entered the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) market, all vendors were exploring the possibilities of an unknown territory. Most of them, including us, started with Device Control or USB security capabilities for organizations – to remotely control users’ access rights to USB devices, CDs, DVDs, HDDs, and other storage devices and to encrypt data on them. Slowly the market evolved to offer advanced content-aware DLP, either at network or endpoint level. Currently, the products’ offerings have aligned more or less, and what DLP means has been standardized to a certain level by analysts, industry experts, and security professionals.

Now, in 2017,…

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