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Welcome to sensitivity.io blog!

We have begun an exciting journey and we invite you to join us.

Who we are

We are a team of InfoSec enthusiasts, maybe a bit intense about the privacy of personal and company data, with experience in Data Loss Prevention, Device Control, USB security, encryption, Mobile Device Management, and other cyber security areas. We have one simple goal in mind: to bake in cyber security features into cloud, mobile and web applications for strong security starting at the core. We are best known for Endpoint Protector.

What is sensitivity.io?

Data security is a tough field for any active professional, but one of the hardest roles belongs to software developers. The speed in which innovation is driven nowadays is putting pressure on developers to release products, features, apps faster than ever before. It’s not called Agile development for nothing. Due to this fast-paced working rhythm and many other factors, data security is overlooked most of the time, or maybe reconsidered at the end of the development cycle when it is already more difficult to add security features.

‘Security by design’ has gained popularity lately, especially in the IoT world, where wearables and other Internet-connected devices have started to pose new challenges to IT security. This approach should be adopted in all areas, for all products dealing with personal and corporate data. Security by design is a pillar that supports sensitivity.io – APIs for Data Loss Prevention and other security features for apps, services, and solutions. We want to simplify software developers’ lives by offering the option to make DLP and other security features part of the solutions and apps they build in a straightforward, intuitive and fast way, through the APIs and SDKs we provide. Moreover, organizations can now reinvent themselves by adding an enterprise version of their apps or services or simply strengthen their data security for their internal ones.

We look forward to sharing more details with you soon, so until then, here’s to cyber security APIs, the future of information security!

Angela Lepadatu
Angela is Marketing Professional @ CoSoSys with experience in research, PR, copywriting as well as business development for Endpoint Protector, giving her a broad view on IT Security industry and the ability to translate complex technologies into simple terms. She thinks that data security tools and any other technology go hand in hand with the human factor and that education is important in this regard.
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