Cloud-based API
You can now easily perform data inspection, discover threats and classify them in your app, service or platform by requesting a scanning job on your data through our cloud-based API.

Use Cases

Mobile Apps
Protect your mobile apps against data leakage and theft and stay compliant using our mobile DLP SDKs (iOS or Android) or by leveraging our cloud-based DLP API.
Online backup, sync and file sharing
Make sure all data stored in your backup and file sharing solution is compliant with security policies and industry regulations. Scan and detect policy violations and take informed decisions.
Content inspection for DLP
Data in e-mail, cloud file sharing, web browser, cloud services and other apps and services can be scanned to detect confidential information and further actions can be taken to prevent data breaches.
Workstream collaboration and messaging
Integrate DLP into workstream collaboration apps like Slack and support employees in using them with no data security compromises. Enhance data protection and increase productivity at the same time.
Key features and benefits
Scanning engine
Take advantage of the smart and powerful scanning engine to inspect the critical data applications and online services store. Detect the most risky applications and collect other useful insights, like anomalies and policy violations for further decision making.
Usage analytics
An important component of the cloud engine that provides a detailed view of how data is being used by applications, which app is storing more sensitive data, which app presents the highest risk based on a threat index and other valuable insights.
Real time alerting and abnormal behavior
Discover in real time if and what DLP policies are being circumvented and any abnormal entity behavior for a fast reaction time. Get alerts regarding sensitive data use from apps, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and other sources that are relevant to you and your organization.
Threat oriented analytics
Visualize trends based on specific timeframes, ascending and descending trends for volumes of sensitive data stored by apps and services (e.g. how many CCNs exist in inbound and outbound e-mails in a certain period of time). A useful feature that predicts sensitive data flow and usage.
Multi-tenancy support
Add multiple accounts for multiple organizations and manage centrally, from a single Cloud Control Panel, sensitive data scanning and protection profiles and get critical data for audits and reports for executives.
Custom subdomain
Keep your brand in the spotlight by personalizing your Cloud Control Panel and API with a subdomain with your company or product name for a memorable, easy to remember web address and faster access.
Comprehensive Dashboard
Visualize your sensitive data and data pathways with beautifully crafted graphs and charts
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