Workstream collaboration and messaging apps

Integrate cyber security features into messaging and workstream collaboration apps like Mattermost, Slack, HipChat, and others and support users in benefiting from them with no data security compromises.

Inject cybersecurity features at the core

If you are developing workplace messaging tools to increase productivity and reduce the default e-mail communication, you are aware that Intellectual Property and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) will most certainly populate the messaging channels. Additionally, you want your workstream collaborative business chat software to facilitate file sharing and work on multiple devices, such as smartphones, desktops, and on the web. Integration with other business applications is also nice to have, so even greater data security risks can emerge. enables developers to inject cyber security features at the core of messaging and workstream collaboration tools with full SDKs and language specific sets of tools and helpers. Discover sensitive data with protection and compliance profiles for HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GDPR, and others and use our scanner to create a solid, risk-free application with minimum development effort.

Gain sensitive data visibility

While you are making sure proper authentication methods and secure access are in place, less attention is given to what confidential data the communication and workstream collaboration applications are collecting and storing. Under the majority of the compliance rules this qualifies as threatening to the security and integrity of private and corporate data. With, you can have sensitive content detection capabilities natively as well as usage and threat oriented analytics.

Use our API’s features to enhance the security of your messaging system:

Identify and track confidential data based on compliance profiles and company policies at the application source
Use simple JSON Rest API calls for your data, which can be in the format of strings, raw data or file uploads
Take advantage of SDKs, libraries, and code samples for all major platforms and programming languages
Train, verify and generate models to identify and classify company versus public data using our machine learning module
Apply prebuilt protection profiles based on file types, custom content, Regexps, compliance for PCI, GDPR, HIPAA etc.
Identify suspicious or misbehaving users and groups that pose a risk to your data based on an AI-driven threat index
Build DLP and remediation measures on top of our SDKs to block or delete sensitive data in posts and file transfers in real time
Ready to get started?
Try our Live Demo which was built on top of the popular open source Mattermost messaging and workstream collaboration tool or head to our blog to find out how we did it all in a single day.