Online backup, sync and file sharing

Extend the security of your backup, sync and file sharing solutions with powerful real time sensitive data analysis features that help organizations become compliant and avoid information security violations.

Easily integrate a data analysis engine

Data backup with sync and file sharing options is a must-have in today’s digitized business environment and the convenience and pay-per-use model of the Software as a Service (SaaS)-based online solutions have made it easier and more cost-effective than ever. Building and marketing an online backup and file sharing service comes with many challenges due to the large number of competitors. Enterprises and SMBs rely on your solution to store, sync and securely share their most critical employees’ and business records, you therefore want to give your best to secure their data and propel your solution to a leading position. offers developers the option to add more value to the online backup and file sharing tool they’re creating through an integration-ready data analysis engine. Cyber security features such as sensitive data tagging, discovery of data based on predefined profiles, definitions and classifications can now be easily integrated into products. These will help your customers perform selective encryption, backup, sync and share only certain sensitive data that complies with different regulations, and have their backups ready for audits.

Streamline your online backup tool development process with our API for cyber security

Instead of spending hundreds of hours coding, make use of an already built API and only take care of the integration part, gaining more time for additional cyber security or product specific features.
Scan and analyze data in real time, while making backups and sharing files, to detect confidential data such as Credit Card Numbers, Personally Identifiable Information or corporate data
Build DLP and remediation measures on top of our SDKs to encrypt sensitive data when found, delete it, block its transfer or quarantine it, based on compliance profiles and company policies
Take advantage of our research that includes compiled sets of predefined compliance and protection profiles for PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, FERPA, and others
Use the analytics and data threats tagging provided by our API to encrypt data that is tagged as a risk, thus optimizing the backup, syncing and file sharing processes.
Classify your data before or after backup and file sharing so your sensitive data is easy to find and retrieve, and your risk management and compliance processes are consolidated
Ready to get started?
Try our Live Demo which was built on the open source NextCloud / ownCloud – self-hosted file sync, backup and share – platform or visit our blog to find out how it was possible to do it all in a couple of days and how easy it was to add Data Loss Prevention API and SDKs to it.